The Mint Microfinance Ltd was fully registered in 2012 and was licensed by the bank of Ghana on 25th October, 2013 as a tier 2 Microfinance (Non-Bank Financial Institution) authorizing it to operate as microfinance institution as well as deposit-taking. The institution started mainstream operations in 2014 although some activities took place in 2013. The company therefore intends to move to savings and loan in the next five years and subsequently become a bank.

The Mint Microfinance Limited exists with the vision to create client satisfaction, dignity and financial empowerment through the provision of sustainable financial services.

The Mission of Mint Microfinance Ltd is to serve as an institution that provides financial services to the less privileged yet productive people and enterprises to thrive in excellence to create a better everyday life for many people.

Over the years the company has operated using the following core values; Accountability, Transparency, Action, Fairness and Excellence.

 Our Aim

To enable TMML to achieve its noble mission, the following key objectives have been established:

To provide credit needs to small and micro business ventures;

To contribute positively to poverty alleviation through micro-enterprise stimulation and job creation for increased income among the productive poor;

To provide the required Business Management Training for micro-entrepreneurs, to enhance their gradual growth from the micro to the macro level.